New CD "Visione!..." / Andra Darzins on Spotify


Andra Darzins released her new CD "Visione! ..." in March. reviews the 15 titles:

"The viola plays the "first violin" in this recital, simultaneously imitating the cello, and Andra Dārziņa presents herself not only as a great instrumentalist, but also as an arranger and producer. Of the 15 songs in this collection, only the three by Frank Bridge (Benjamin Britten's teacher) originally were composed for voice, viola and piano, the remainder has been re-arranged for this lineup. (...)The viola creates in all cases the atmosphere and carries the emotions, the vocal part seems to be secondary (...). "

Andra Darzins' discography is now widely available on Spotify. With the help of the search function of the streaming service a total of seven albums of the musician can be found. Click here for the artist's profile on Spotify.